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Why BPro USA Has The Best Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories

We live in a day in age where a person’s cell phone is their best friend, their personal assistant, and even their brain. We don’t leave our homes without our cell phones and never dare to let others take them away from us. A cell phone is essentially, the most valuable thing we own. So why not treat them like it? There’s so much time invested in our phones we mind as well spoil them. What better place to do that, then an online shop where we can get cell phone accessories wholesale. Based out of Florida, BPro has an endless supply of accessories that you can take advantage of worldwide through their online store anywhere in the country. Contact us today!

What We Have To Offer

Here at BPro USA, we have all your cell phone accessory needs from phone cases to chargers. No matter what device you use, we have something for you. The possibilities are endless. Have you seen the latest trend that is popping up on cellular devices everywhere? Popsockets. Our online shop has them available at a low price. We also carry other accessories such as selfie flashes and headphones.

Cell Phone Accessories Wholesale That You Can Count On

Stick to an online shop that specializes in cell phones and strays away from those companies who merely sell them as well as other household items. Your cellular device needs a shop they can count on to get them exactly what they need. Our company is at your service. Our dedication to cell phones makes us different from the rest of the online shops out there. Cellular telephones are what drives us. We offer you the top of the line accessories that will make you want to be on your phone more than you already are.

Why Does My Phone Need Accessories?

As previously stated, we are always on our phones. That means we are making them vulnerable to damage. Whether that damage is from dropping it on the sidewalk when we go for a jog, or scratching the screen when we place it on the kitchen table, it is pretty much doomed unless we use accessories to protect it. There an easy solution to that problem. Cell phone cases and scratch resistant screen protectors.

Also, why not make your cell phone stick out from the rest. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to dressing up your phone with colors and designs. This all becomes a reality when you purchase the right phone case that showcases your style.

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Here at BPro USA, we specialize in cell phone accessories wholesale. We have everything you need in order to make your cellular device an even better asset then it already is. Our online store gives you many options to choose from, and you can access it from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Take out your phone right now, and look us up to see for yourself. Your cell phone will not regret it. Contact us now!

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Where Can I Find Blu Unlocked Phones?

According to Strategy Analytics in 2016, Blu has become the number 1 seller of unlocked smartphones in the US. Their fantastic quality and ease in carrier services, as well as unbeatable price, has made the Blu phone a top seller for those looking for cheap smartphones that can be hooked up to multiple carrier systems. BPro USA delivers unlocked Blu phones right to your door. Based in NY but servicing all across the US, BPro USA is a trusted source of unlocked Blu phones and other electronics as well as Blu accessories. Delivering through both Amazon and the site itself, BPro USA provides the best prices for Blu phones as well as stellar customer service. Contact us today or visit our webpage to order your Blu phone or gadgets!


What is a Blu phone?


BLU Products is an American mobile phone company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Doral, a suburb of Miami. Blu phones are budget Android smartphones, designed in BLU’s Florida base and manufactured in China. Their latest mobile launch, in February 2018, is the Vivo X. The Vivo X comes with a 6-inch touchscreen display with a 720 pixel resolution by 1440 pixels at a PPI of 268 pixels per inch. Unlocked phones are devices not sold through wireless carriers, which can generally hook up to multiple carrier systems, making them very popular outside of the US. As of 2016 only about 10 percent of phones in the US are sold unlocked, but that number is expanding rapidly. Apple has been selling unlocked iPhones through Apple stores for years, and Samsung recently introduced an unlocked Galaxy S7. However, Samsung and Apple are leagues behind Blu when it comes to selling unlocked phones. In 2015, BLU sold 36 percent of the 14.6 million unlocked phones purchased in America, taking up the majority market share amongst unlocked phone sales.


Benefits of a Blu Unlocked Phone


The price of a Blu phone is unbeatable. Their key value lies in this aspect, as unlocked phones are typically purchased at full price, up front. Where flagships from the bigger companies like Apple, Samsung, and HTC all hit the $600 mark, Blu’s most expensive phone tops off at only $349. Their most popular devices When buying from BPro USA, many Blu smartphones are under $100. BPro USA also provides a variety of the latest Blu accessories at extremely affordable prices, such as wireless headphones, popsockets, and USB cables. Blu phones are great for younger children who need a cell phone to contact their parents in case of emergency, but whose parents don’t want to entrust them with an extremely pricey device. They’re also very convenient for travelers or businessmen who need to separate carriers or cell phones.


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Whether it’s the unbeatable prices, trusty quality, or convenient delivery, Blu phones have swept into the US market. If you’re a traveler, parent, or anybody looking for an inexpensive smartphone with all the utilities common to smartphones that you can switch carriers on, BPro USA provides stellar prices and customer service. Order your Blu unlocked phones today from BPro USA!